We have added six new members to our board, bringing our total number of board members to 23. Barbara Flynn Currie Barbara retired from the Illinois General Assembly this year after representing the 25th District, which includes portions of the Chicago communities of Woodlawn, South...

Legislative Updates RETROACTIVE REFORM PASSES HOUSE COMMITTEE (FIRST OF SEVERAL HURDLES) HB2039 (Rep. Cassidy) TAKE ACTION Illinois criminal justice reforms usually only look forward and provide no relief to those already impacted by outdated laws. To impact the current prison population, Illinois must implement broad retroactivity reform as is...

Every idea aspiring to become a law in Illinois has to go through at least SIX and sometimes SEVEN hurdles: A legislator has to agree to sponsor the bill AND has to ensure all deadlines are met, and that the bill does not get “lost...

[caption id="attachment_18276" align="alignright" width="307"] Marshan Allen, Julie Anderson, and RJ board member Jeff Howard following a meeting with Representative Terry Bryant (R- Murphysboro)[/caption] Members of the Restore Justice staff and board, led by Julie Anderson and Marshan Allen, have been criss-crossing the state to meet with...

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