The criminal justice system in Illinois can often feel like a jigsaw puzzle, full of interlocking laws, policies, and eccentricities that can be overwhelming even to experienced advocates. Over the next few months, Restore Justice will publish a series of “Know More” posts. Each post...

BY:  Jobi Cates, Founder & Executive Director, Restore Justice She was probably in her 80s; clear, dark skin, perfectly coiffed hair. Peach colored dress. Quick with a smile. A younger woman, a daughter, maybe, was helping her along. Everyone in line with the lady-in-peach, including me,...

By: Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie Starting with Miller v. Alabama, the United States Supreme Court crafted new protections for youthful offenders facing long criminal sentences.  The Court recognized advances in brain science that show young people tend to lack impulse control; many are...

By:  Shayna Farmelant, Intern, Restore Justice Published in Medium I should have been scared to visit prison. I say that because all of my life I’ve been told that prisoners are evil. But, are they? There is, of course, the obvious answer that they are because they...

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