Advocacy Camp

Our board and staff represent a mountain of experience in Springfield. Our board members are or have been non-profit lobbyists, government employees staffing legislative efforts, public relations or policy directors, and some have been involved in advocacy campaigns as activists for more than 50 years! We’ve all had experience on devastatingly unsuccessful efforts, and we’ve all celebrated more than a few victories.

Today, we offer free training in our community for both selfish and altruistic reasons: selfish in that we get to meet hundreds of new advocates and have the chance to engage them in our work (if we are successful), altruistic in that the training itself can be used by any person or organization on any issue to increase impact (even folks who have nothing to do with justice reform).

Section 1: How it Works

  • Learn about legislative advocacy, and understand when and why it is useful
  • Familiarize yourself with how a bill becomes a law in Illinois
  • Develop skills to help you navigate a day in Springfield

Section 2: Prepare Yourself for Illinois Legislative Advocacy

  • Map your sphere of influence
  • Identify and get to know your representatives

Section 3: Speak (Your) Truth to Power

  • Break down and share your story
  • Work on long-form and short-form versions of your personal story to use in advocacy settings

Section 4: How to Talk About Criminal Justice Reform

  • Understanding different audiences
  • Cutting an issue into a talking point or a set of messages

Section 5: Difficult Conversations

  • Speaking constructively with opponents
  • Working with unexpected emotions
  • Handling difficult conversations and conflict

Q2 2019 Trainings

Wednesday, June 19, 2019, @ 10 am to 1 pm

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

5114 South Elizabeth Street

Chicago, IL 60609

*Snacks will be provided.

Restore Justice offers training, free of cost, to colleague organizations seeking to engage their own staff, board, participants, or constituents in the legislative process in Illinois. Please contact Jobi Cates at to schedule a training.

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